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About Savor Creperie


Hello, Tacoma!

We are now open for business and look forward to seeing you soon!  As owner of SAVOR, I am very excited to be part of the Tacoma dining scene.  Being a food & beverage professional for over 20 years, crepes were something I always enjoyed making and serving – perhaps because it is part of my heritage as a French Canadian?

My love of crepes heightened when my wife and I spent two weeks touring Europe in 2011 and needless to say, couldn’t get enough of the delicious crepes in France and the scrumptious waffles in Belgium.  When we moved to Tacoma in early 2012 with the intent of opening up a small restaurant, I was delighted to find there was a need for a Creperie in the immediate area.

After several months of searching, we decided the University of Washington area was the perfect location.  After an extensive remodel of the former Meta Books store, we are pleased with the result. We’ve worked hard on perfecting the menu and whether you’re looking for a full meal or an indulgent dessert, we think you will enjoy the result. Bon Apetit!

Tom Vigue

Owner, Savor Creperie